A Beautiful Book Is a True Legacy

In a world of cheap mass produced paperbacks and formulaic pictorials, budding Self Publishers should aspire to the principle that memorable books are both striking in appearance as well as captivating to the mind.

Regardless of the genre, Caidex Communication’s formula for success is publishing books with exceptional typography, illustrations, paper and binding. We work closely with our designers and printers to produce memorably beautiful books, which stand not only as a true legacy of the author’s labour but also to be enjoyed and appreciated now and well into the future

Beautiful Books are not limited by price or quantity, they are the outcome of imagination, planning and modern technology. Caidex Communications believe that great books deserve to be presented in an individual form, look and feel, worthy of their contents but at a cost within our client’s expectations.

So if you would like to see your work cost effectively showcased please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide a personalised consultation followed by comprehensive no obligation pricing on all projects.