Beautiful Books for Self-publishers

It is a creative joy to write, photograph, and / or illustrate a book, and the finished product should reflect the efforts of the author in the most attractive way. But beautiful books do not just happen because someone flips a switch, they do not manufacture themselves, and all publishers and printing services are not the same.

You work hard on your manuscript and If you are a photographer or artist, you are undoubtedly proud of your work. A lot of effort and maybe money is spent to get to this point. Self-publishers should not risk undoing all their great work that brought them to this point by opting for an ‘off the shelf’ publishing package.

The definition of Beautiful Books is not limited to high-quality process color printing and accurate color reproductions rather Beautiful Books have special details that set them apart.

The creation of a Beautiful Book starts with the choice of type face, the layout of images and text onto a page, the use of ‘white space’, the feel and look of paper stocks, the addition of various embellishments and finally the method of binding.

Caidex Communications are experts at creating better, more Beautiful Books incorporating cost effective variations specifically tailored to showcase your publication to its targeted market.

We are happy to provide a personalized consultation followed by comprehensive no obligation pricing on all projects.

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