Self Publishing in Australia can seem daunting at first, but in fact it can be a fairly straight forward and rewarding process once you have aligned yourself with an experienced Self Publishing Company. To self publish a book requires finding a company to assist you in creating, printing, promoting and distributing your book. The key word here is ‘assist’; meaning you maintain control over the entire process

Unlike the more traditional publishing companies who work solely on a model based around return on investment, self publishing book companies such as Caidex Communications understand your desire to create your title for a number of diverse reasons; not solely based on large sales, profit and fame.

The current digital revolution has completely changed many aspects of our lives and has made major inroads into the cost of publishing. It is now possible to create, produce and distribute books without the need of traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ bookstores. Digital short run book printing means this can be achieved with absolutely no discernable loss in quality of the final product, and with greatly reduced overheads.

For many ‘would be’ self publishing authors, involvement and control of the final outcome of their book is equally as important to seeing the fruition of their title. Caidex Communications understands this and ensures personal contact is regularly maintained. All final decisions rest with the author. One of the truly positive benefits of self publishing is the satisfaction of not only creating a book, but controlling each aspect of the production chain when bringing the title to life.

From a purely logistical point of view, self-publishing can greatly decrease the length of time it takes to complete your book. From submission of manuscript to holding the finished product the process can take as little as three to six weeks, whilst full colour hard case books produced in Asia can be delivered in in ten to twelve weeks.

Successful marketing and distribution of your title is not something that you should assume will be undertaken by larger publishers unless you are already a successful author. Many first time authors undertake the promotion of their title with great enthusiasm, participating in interviews on local community radio or being featured in articles by local newspapers. One of the most important areas we discuss at length is your expectation for distribution and promotion and how that can be achieved.

Finally the most important question for most self publishers is cost. Although the self publishing model requires all costs to be met by the author, the benefit is that you retain 100% of the cover price, rather than receiving a percentage (15-25% from most larger publishers). As previously indicated, we understand limited budgets and are happy to tailor a strategy to suit you.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from becoming the author of your own future.