In the hands of a professional book designer, print on paper becomes something special. It activates the senses of touch, sight and even smell. It can instil in your readers a greater respect for your labour, appreciation of your talent in putting it together, and ultimately leads to an enjoyable reading experience.

For many of us, the feel of a printed book is absorbing and pleasurable. Encountering the textural surface and tactile quality of paper is often the decisive winning factor in choosing printed books over electronic devices.

A printed book can mean and do so much more than its digital counterpart, as it communicates to the reader the care and effort of the author. Furthermore, it allows good design to leap off the screen into a portable, three-dimensional and tactile form of entertainment and knowledge.

Carefully matching paper stocks to the style of publication can greatly enhance the positive experience of your readers and ensure your message is ultimately more memorable. It can transform a good design into a great design.

If you would like to consider alternatives to the more commonplace offset stock for your upcoming publication, please contact Brian Dole of Caidex Communications for a no-obligation consultation and complimentary stock samples.